Dear Friends of TheCall,


God is assembling an army of intercessors. Will you join the ranks? 


Before Azusa Now, one of our leaders dreamed that he was a military general back in the times of the Revolutionary War. In the dream, another officer came to him from the heat of battle reporting on how critical the situation was. It was understood by them both that immediate intervention was needed to turn the tide of the war. Instantly the general knew what to do: he slammed his fist on the strategy table and cried out to the Lord shouting: “God, give us men who can fight! Give us men RIGHT NOW!”


We believe this dream is an accurate depiction of the times we are in as a nation. We also believe heaven is commissioning men and women, young and old, who will fight in intercession to turn America back to God.


Recently the Lord spoke to our team through a prophetic leader:

"I am birthing a new strategy in you, says the Lord… Not only will I raise up thousands and tens of thousands at events, but I will raise up thousands and thousands and thousands in cell prayer, for I would have you flood this country with prayer cells!"


This word was like a match to dry twigs, igniting a flame of purpose among us. We sensed the Lord’s directive to rally His intercessors. Our response is TheCall to Arms, a new initiative to build a national network of all those who are  joined in vision with TheCall. If that’s you, we encourage you to respond in three simple ways:


1 - CONSECRATE yourself to God and to His purpose for the nation and for this generation.   

2 - CONNECT with one or more intercessors to pray together on a regular basis. 

3 - COMMIT to partner with us in prayer for reformation and revival in America, unto a harvest in the nations.


We are believing for thousands to take up TheCall to Arms. If you hear His trumpet call then we invite you to register with us HERE.  ​