Before every coronation, there is a consecration.

We are calling women to the National Mall in Washington DC on October 9th, both young and old, a mass Esther Movement, daring to break the death decree and to see a great spiritual awakening in America.

Over the last couple of months, we have been reading Esther and  there was a deep preparation before she appealed and petitioned the King. Before she went before the King she was silent for thirty days. 

We are calling women into a thirty day consecration September 1st to September 30th to pray, fast, cry out for their children, to call out to God for America, and  to go deep in God. It's time for Queen Esther's coronation in America, but we are calling her to consecration before the courts of heaven.

Join us in 30 days of preparation to shift history September 1st - September 30th  and then appear before the King on October 9th, 2017 at Rise Up.