Recently, two sobering events immediately followed the inauguration of President Trump: first, the Women’s March on the National Mall where the world responded with gatherings all over the globe and secondly, a worldwide summons for witches to unite in cursing our president, along with those aligned with him. We  believe a great gathering remains to be seen, a movement that must be felt in our nation’s capital to countermine the dark spirit that informed so much of the Women’s March. We are gripped with hope that an uncompromising movement of noble-hearted women will arise. We see an Esther moment in our nation, but perhaps even more.

It’s a critical hour for the Rise Up gathering on October 9th, 2017 to the National Mall in DC. We are believing for hundreds of thousands to gather together on the 20-year anniversary week of the Promise Keepers' “Stand in the Gap" event. That year, 1997, a million men and their sons gathered together to pray and repent. Then, three years later, 400,000+ young people also came to fast and pray at the very first TheCall gathering in DC. This fall, we believe it is the Day of Righteous Women who will cry out to God for their sons and daughters and generations yet unborn.