The Greater Columbus Convention Center                                          

400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215                                  



New Life Vineyard Church & Heir Convenant Church

2470 Princeton Rd, Hamilton OH 45011



In 2005, Bob Jones released a vision he saw of a great man who had fallen asleep and was tied down by little people with small ideas. Although this sleeping man was completely tied down, he was on the verge of waking up! Bob Jones called this man, the Body of Christ - a prophetic picture of the church. Bob then saw many cities that would awaken different parts of this sleeping man - Columbus, Ohio was his heart with a promise of the release of signs and wonders and Cincinnati would reproduce the priestly and kingly anointing. Other cities he saw were Cleveland, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Nashville, and Atlanta. We believe this vision is a roadmap for releasing another great awakening in our day!


Earlier this year, thousands gathered to Jacob’s Field at the Q  in Cleveland, Ohio as we initiated the awakening of this Revival Man, which was the head of this very large man in the vision. We believe it was ground zero for a massive corporate breakthrough of revival - a sovereignly scheduled epicenter for a move of worship, prayer, reconciliation, healing, and salvation. 


Now we are headed to the next two cities from Bob's vision, with more cities to come, believing that God is wanting to release another great awakening that will bring transformation in this nation. We are in need of a fresh spiritual outpouring, new mercy, and new miracles. Now is the time!


Join Lou Engle and others for a weekend of worship, intercession, reconciliation, healing, and salvation in Columbus January 13th and Cincinnati on January 15th  for the next two stops of this Revival Man Tour. Register today!




Q: Where will the gatherings take place in each city?

A. Columbus: The Greater Columbus Convention Center 400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215 // Cincinnati: New Life Vineyard Church 2470 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011

Q. What time are the gatherings?

A. Both gatherings will be from 12pm - 5:30pm and 7pm - 10pm. Doors will open 1 hour prior to the gathering start time.

Q. Do I have to register?

A. Yes, registration is required. You can register via the links below on this page or at on-site registration upon your arrival at the venue.

Q. Will there be reserved seating?

A. No, seating is General Admission.