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Letter From Lou

I want to invite you to join TheCall on July 22nd and 23rd at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, for two days of prayer, fasting, and the declaration of the gospel and an outpouring of healing, signs and wonders.

We believe Cleveland is ground zero for a massive corporate breaking of the curse of unbelief that dominates the mindset of the American church. Cleveland, has been sovereignly scheduled as an epicenter for the next NOW moment.

Lou Engle

Our Speakers

Lou Engle

Co-founder of TheCall

Pasadena, CA

Daniel Kolenda

CEO of Christ For All Nations

Orlando, FL

Shawn Bolz


Los Angeles, CA

Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity

Hurst, TX

Michael Koulianos

Jesus Image

Lake Mary, FL

Matt Lockett

Washington, DC

Andy Byrd

Kona, HI

Brian Brennt

Huntington Beach, CA

Will Ford

Dallas, TX

Worship Leaders

Amanda Cook

Redding, CA

Steffany Gretzinger

Redding, CA

Jeremy Riddle

Redding, CA

Lindy Conant

And The Circuit Riders

Los Angeles, CA

Rick Pino

Austin, TX

Michael Brymer

Last year at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, we saw God bring the church together in love and unity. We called the gathering Azusa Now. Little did we realize that we would be bringing Azusa Now to Cleveland. We believe the "Revival Man” must rise in Cleveland and when he does it will usher in a move of God in this nation. We need a fresh spiritual outpouring. New mercy. New miracles.

Not Azusa then, but Azusa Now!

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