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July 22 & 23 2017

July 22nd 3 - 11pm and July 23rd 2 - 5pm and 6:30 - 10:30pm Watch the video Register now
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July 23rd
6:30pm - 10:30pm
Quicken Loans Arena
Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade with Daniel Kolenda

Breakthrough for the Nation. 

Sometimes natural things form a portal for understanding greater spiritual truths. Politically, Ohio is the key battleground state in the entire country. No state matters more in determining the nation’s direction. This is a picture of greater things.

In 2005, the late prophet Bob Jones saw a vision of a giant man, like the famous figure from Gulliver’s Travels, only the giant was named Revival Man. He was tied down, bound to the ground, by the Lilliputians—the "Lil' Peoples” with little faith and small minds. Revival Man’s head lay in Cleveland, his heart in Columbus and his reproductive center in Cincinnati.  The head, Cleveland, had to awaken first.

Cleveland is rising. Ever since the famous “Cleveland Curse” finally broke when the Cavaliers took the national championship, a spirit of economic and cultural revival has gripped the city. As hope surges, natural things continue to speak of the spiritual.

Earlier this year, we were given a dream of a last second shot being taken at a basketball game at the Quicken Loans Arena. The shot was a miracle shot across the full length of the court. It swished and Cleveland won the game. In the dream, it was called “The Shot Heard Round the World.” This is Cleveland’s hour. But this is where the story gets really interesting...

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Azusa Then: 

A Covenantal Name

The heart and soul of the city comes from its founder, Moses Cleaveland, who arrived  on July 22, 1796. Yet before then, as a young man, we discovered that Cleaveland was mustered to war in response to the famous Battle of Lexington, immortalized in poetry as the "Shot Heard Round the World!"

God is telling a story in two words: Moses. Cleaveland.

"To cleave” simultaneously means two opposite things: to split apart and to covenantally join together.  In the very city of Moses Cleave-Land, we are believing for a great exodus from the church’s national captivity of small faith and small thinking. On July 22-23, the anniversary of that first survey, Azusa Now Cleveland will bring fasting, prayer, worship, unity, miracles and the proclamation of the gospel to the great battleground state of Ohio.

Azusa Now: 

Cleveland Awaken 

From Cleveland we will dare to decree the wild hope of God visiting America in power once more. Salvations. Miracles. A united church. We are looking to set ourselves apart as a people of faith and cut away unbelief. In Ohio, we will cast the decisive vote for revival and Cleveland will become a wakening rod stretched forth to divide the sea and lead our nation into the promises of God. Does this sound too big to believe? If so, that is precisely why we must, in Cleveland, believe. Our small minds must be unshackled. The curse of unbelief must break in Cleveland. Across the state, across the surrounding region, we challenge the Ohio Valley to seize this moment in fasting and prayer.

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Oasis Church 

6927 Lefferson Road

Middletown, Ohio 45044



New Spirit Revival Center 

3130 Mayfield Road

Cleveland Hts, Ohio 44118

7:00 pm


Cathedral of Life Church 

4111 38th Street NW

Canton, Ohio 44718



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7pm - 10pm

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