Dear friends, 


Twenty years ago, I was part of a youth movement called Rock The Nations, which gathered thousands of young men and women to fast and pray for 5 days. I believe these Prayer Storms were a sovereign move of prayer that actually helped birth TheCall.


This summer, TheCall is launching a gathering for youth and young adults called Contend::America, with a heart to train, impart and gather for 5 days of united fasting and prayer. In response to both the need of the hour and the hungry hearts of the youth across this nation, we are now offering these catalytic five days at a new price of $97. We will also extend further discounted group rates to youth, campus and young adult groups.


I believe that this gathering is so critical for launching the next generation of consecrated leaders that we have decided as a leadership team to remove every barrier possible, including the financial barrier. At AzusaNow Cleveland, we are believing for the Revival Man to arise. In DC this fall, we are believing for the Deborah's, the women, to take their stand. This summer at Contend::America, we are taking a financial step of faith to enable the Youth of America to take their full place during this momentous hour of human history.


I want to personally invite and highly encourage youth and young adults from across the nation to fast and pray together with me in Colorado, receive training and impartation from seasoned leaders, and be launched to contend for an awakening in America. What began twenty years ago is coming full circle to a new generation of young leaders. A new Prayer Storm is on the horizon. Don't miss this rare opportunity for a high degree of personal interaction with me and my team during Contend::America. I believe your life will be marked forever.


Register yourself and your groups online at I believe that our united prayer and fasting can usher in a new day for this nation. 


Consumed by the call,


Lou Engle

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