Are you looking for some helpful guidelines for fasting?  This is the third post in our series of practical tips for fasting.   Whether you are in the middle of the current Ekballo Fast or the Esther Fast, we hope this series encourages you.  The following are a few points of wisdom to help sustain you while fasting from Appendix A of The Jesus Fast, a book written by Lou Engle and Dean Briggs and published by Chosen in April 2016..  Feel free to comment and let us know your questions/comments on this post.

Tips for Fasting Part 3:  While Fasting 

Some things to keep in mind while fasting: 

Take time to pray and read the Word:  This may seem obvious, but busyness and distractions can keep you from devotions. Reading books with testimonies of victories gained through fasting will encourage you. 

Have a clear target for prayer focus:  Without a vision (a clear, prophetic prayer goal) the people perish. During a fast I have four or five prayer goals, that are clearly articulated. When I’m not deeply motivated by a clear goal, I usually fast until break-fast! Write down your vision, so you can run with it.

Do the fast with someone else:  Two are better than one! We encourage young people to talk this through with their parents before starting the fast. Parents and kids should consider fasting together

If you fail, don’t give in to condemnation: The “to fast or not to fast’ dilemma can be a major tool of the enemy. Even though you may fail several times, God always extends grace. Hit reset and resume right where you left off.

Fast in secret:  Don't boast about your fast but don’t go to extraordinary lengths to mask it when people inquire. Just let them know you won’t be eating if you need to. The bigger the deal you make, the more attention you draw. Be discrete, be transparent, then move humbly along.

Feel free to rest a lot and to continue to exercise.

Expect to hear God’s voice in the Word, dreams, visions, and revelations:  Daniel prepared himself to receive revelation through fasting (Dan. 10:1,2). Scripture also speaks of a fasting reward (Matt. 6:18). Expect God to fellowship and communicate with you in special ways.

Breakthroughs often come after a fast, not during it.  Do not listen to the lie that nothing is happening. It is my convictions that every fast done in faith will be rewarded.

Break the fast over several days with fruit juice and/or light soups:  On a light juice fast or a water fast your digestive system shuts down. This can be dangerous if you eat too much too soon. Break such a fast gently with several days of diluted, non-acidic juice, then regular juice, followed by fruit and vegetables. On one of my early water fasts, I broke it too quickly and almost needed hospitalization. Be careful!

May you be encouraged in your times of fasting, and my you, like Daniel, shape history through fasting and prayer!  


For more helpful tips for fasting, view Why Fast? and Preparing to Fast.  

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April 07, 2018