Paradigm Shift: God’s 5-Part Prophetic Sequence for Discipling Nations

From Dr. Lance Wallnau at TheCall’s 222 Conference

Edited by Jamie Rohrbaugh

We’re good at celebrations, like the election of Trump; but we’re not too good at filling the vacuums that are created by moments like this. I think maybe there’s no man in America [like Lance Wallnau] who understands this moment and how we can break through into culture, not just with our prayers, but with the raising up of kings and the bringing of them down.– Lou Engle

Dr. Lance Wallnau, who spoke at The Call's recent 222 Conference, believes  that Christians have won a major victory in electing a pro-life, pro-Constitution President. However, “We may have elected a President, but we’re still stunned, like a duck hit on the head" Dr. Wallnau states.

Despite the major victory, the big question for the Church right now is: "What's next?"

At the 222 Conference, Dr. Wallnau taught how we can predict the future trend by studying the prophetic sequence God used to bring Israel out of captivity and to rebuild Jerusalem. This prophetic sequence for discipling nations and occupying territory for God runs as follows:

Step 1: Prophetic declaration.

Jeremiah prophesied seventy years of captivity for Israel. He also prophesied that the Israelites would return to their own land after those seventy years.

Here in America, we have engaged in active prophetic declaration for more than a century. God's people have been forth-telling a great revival since Azusa Street in 1906. Although we should always continue to prophesy, we have met the conditions for the first step in the sequence.

Step 2: Intense prayer and intercession.

When Daniel discerned that the Jewish captivity was nearing its end, he began fasting and praying for fulfillment of the prophecy. Likewise, the praying Church has spent more than two decades in intense intercession, contending for prophecies released over America as early as 1607 (when the settlers landed at Jamestown).

All those years of intercession have not been wasted. However, God often answers differently than we expect. Instead of answering our prayers instantly, He allows them to accrue--building up spiritual interest in the bank accounts of Heaven. Then, at the right moment, He tips the bowls and manifests the answers to those prayers on the earth.

At this step in the process, understanding the current move of God is vital.

If we don't understand what God is doing now, we will not realize that He has moved on to Step 3 when He answers our prayers. As Dr. Wallnau stated, "The greatest enemy of the next move of God is always the move that precedes it."

At this point in history, God's people must become extremely agile. We need to move with God if we’re going to take territory, rather than just celebrating the last move of God.

The Jews had a move of God in the wilderness. However, when they crossed over the Jordan, the move of God looked different! God still blessed, but the manifestation of His blessing changed. For example:

  • In the wilderness, the Israelites ate heavenly bread which fell from the sky. In the Promised Land, they had to eat what they conquered.

  • In the desert, God's strategies were heavy on discipline and teaching. In the Promised Land, however, His strategies were suddenly heavy on blessing.

  • In the wilderness, God talked to Israel as a Shepherd. In the Promised Land , He talked to them as a Man of War.

Manifestation changes when God brings you into your inheritance. However, the new manifestations of God help His people become who they really are.

Step 3: Enter Cyrus!

We believe that President Donald J. Trump is the Cyrus figure whom God has sent to wreck political correctness and mind-control in America. However, President Trump came in a package nobody was expecting. We expected God's answer to our prayers to look like we look, but God did something completely different.

President Trump thinks like a CEO. He doesn't think like a pastor or like a politician. Nevertheless, he's extremely skilled at business and God has put a grace on him to restrain evil.

Step 4: Now that Cyrus is in place, Ezra must come!

Ezra was the priest and scribe who rose up to teach the Jews how to occupy their territory. At the 222 Conference, Dr. Wallnau prophesied that an Ezra teaching anointing is coming upon prophetic and apostolic leaders in the Church. These apostolic and prophetic leaders will rise up to teach and mobilize the Church to take territory for God.

Now is the crucial time for the Church to take territory because Cyrus is governing the land. The Cyrus anointing has made it possible for God's people to move. Therefore, the Ezras must rise up quickly and get God's people moving into the seven spheres of society (business, government, media, the arts/entertainment, education, the family, and religion) so we can disciple the nation.

The Church has surrendered the mountains of media, academia, business, and arts to the liberal agenda because we didn’t have a grid for discipling nations.

Previously, the Church didn’t understand that gates of influence shape culture. Whoever occupies the top of each cultural mountain gets to disciple the nation. The "king" of each mountain does this by first establishing a narrative, then getting into the minds of people and lock-stepping them into a pattern of persuasion. It's a discipleship technique that teaches entire nations at once, and the enemies of God understand it perfectly.

The Church must now stand up and begin to disciple the nation. If we don't, we’ll lose everything. The liberal agenda will asphyxiate the Church if it is allowed to continue governing the seven mountains of influence.

Step 5:  Rebuilding  the walls by Nehemiah!

Revival was never meant to be contained within the four walls of a church. Revival should be used to disciple entire nations, bringing them into the inheritance of Christ. In step 5, Nehemiah--who represents the aggressive and contending Church--helps the Church invade the gates of influence and rebuild the walls of righteous ideals within the nation.

This is an invitation to reformation, not just to revival. Every area of secular culture that we have lost over the last fifteen years has to be retaken by godly reformers who infiltrate the secular world. We have had a culture of response, but now we need a contending culture that conquers the gates of hell.

The Church has been waiting for a move of God, but God is waiting for a move of us.

We have to pray, but then we have to show up. Prophetic activation, intercession, and cultural involvement have to be combined until we become the people of the counter-movement so we can occupy the nation for Jesus.


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