Sometimes, natural things speak of spiritual things. Last year at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, we saw God bring a remarkable, heavenly endorsement of His desire for the church to live together in love and unity. We called the gathering Azusa Now because over one hundred years ago it was said that the color line was washed away in the blood of Jesus during the historic Azusa Outpouring of 1906. Little did we realize that the name would become a new mission for us: Azusa now. Not just in California, but across the nation. Where darkness, hopelessness and division dwells, we need fresh spiritual outpouring. New mercy. New miracles. Not Azusa then, but Azusa now. 

We dare to believe that Cleveland, OH has been sovereignly scheduled as an epicenter for the next now moment. For years, Ohio was known as “The Heart of It All” not only because the state is geographically central to the U.S., but because Ohio is famously shaped like a human heart. Is it any wonder that every four years the nation holds its breath to register our heart condition as manifested in Ohio's Presidential vote? For decades, Ohio has been the most pivotal swing state in our national elections. But "hope deferred makes the heart sick" (Prov. 13:12). The entire Rust Belt has suffered greatly, but Ohio is the only state entirely contained in that region. Cleveland has seen hard times, yet it is an overcoming city. Previously known for loss, financial debt and an infamous “sports curse,” Cleveland is now rising from the ashes of its own troubled past. One website recently proclaimed: “‘Mistake on the Lake’ no more: World sees Cleveland through new eyes.” The Cavaliers triumphed to take the NBA title last year and have secured their place again for a possible repeat victory in 2017. Cleveland, like a mighty giant, is awakening.


Could such natural things speak of a surging spiritual destiny that could roll out to the rest of the nation? Founder Moses Cleaveland arrived at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on July 22, 1796 and commissioned the location of the city which would eventually bear his name: Cleveland. “To cleave” simultaneously means two opposite things: to split apart, and to covenantally join together. On July 22-23, the anniversary of that first survey, Azusa Now Cleveland will bring fasting, prayer, worship, unity, miracles and the proclamation of the gospel to the great battleground state of Ohio. We are in a fight for our nation’s future, including the full inheritance of revival. So we are believing for a great spiritual splitting apart, an exodus if you will, from the church’s national captivity of small faith and small thinking. Instead, we will cleave to the Lord’s historic promises over our land, from sea to shining sea. From Cleveland we will dare to decree the wild hope that God is visiting America in power once more. Today. Now. Salvations. Miracles. A united church. Because only a united church can heal a divided nation.


Join us in Cleveland, Ohio on July 22-23 as we cast a decisive vote for great awakening. Right in the midst of the heroin addiction capital of the United States—a place of bondage and stupor for tens of thousands—we will proclaim the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ. Does this sound too big to believe? If so, that is precisely why we must, in Cleveland, dare to believe. I feel God has confirmed to me that Cleveland is ground zero for a massive corporate breaking of the curse of unbelief that dominates the mindset of the modern American church. If we believe the culture of life can prevail and abortion can finally end, if we believe true unity is possible, if we believe miracles are for today, then this decisive weekend in July could position Ohio as the spiritual swing state for the nation.  This is why…Azusa Now Cleveland. Ohio intercessors, pastors, regional leaders, we summon you to the great purpose for which you have labored so many years. Register at


For breakthrough in the nation, Cleveland must awaken!


Lou Engle

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