Last weekend a remnant of men and women in America, and some from around the world, joined in a three-day Esther fast for the ending of abortion and the turning of the U.S. Supreme Court. By the completion of the fast, it seemed that the King of Heaven had stretched his scepter out to us with fresh revelation which has now led to a next-step strategy of prayer for the nation and the court. According to Lou Engle, “This may be the most significant assignment for the future of our nation that we’ve ever been in.” 
In Esther chapter 3 we read how Xerxes, the King of the Persian empire, promoted Haman to a seat of honor higher than that of any other nobles. Verse 2 says: “All the royal officials at the king’s gate knelt down and paid honor to Haman, for the king had commanded this concerning him. But Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor.”
We have continued to avail ourselves to the Holy Spirit, humbly seeking to discern if we are to acquiesce to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. However, after this recent endeavor of intensified prayer and fasting we still find ourselves, as Mordecai, unable to yield to this nomination. We do not have certainty that the President’s choice resonates with God’s choice for the hour. This brings to mind the unfolding drama of Esther’s story...

The King’s Sleepless Night

Just when it looked like Haman was at the top of his game and the top of the world, something began to give way under his feet. On the night before the queen had prepared to expose Haman, it just so happened that the king could not sleep. Instead, the scriptures tell us how King Xerxes passed the night hours reading the book of the chronicles of his reign. That’s when he remembered Mordecai.

This week we found ourselves wondering if we might be in a similar scenario in which President Trump needs a sleepless night to rethink his nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and remember Amy Barrett. (Legally, President Trump may withdraw his Supreme Court nomination at any point before the judge is officially confirmed by the Senate.) What we know for sure is that the story isn’t over and we aren’t finished praying.

Que Sera Sera

On the third night of our Esther Fast, Chris Berglund had a remarkably detailed and instructive dream. Chris wrote:
In the dream I was seeing groups of people who, instead of influencing the court through prayer, had been waiting for change to happen on it’s own. They had heard the need for new judges but were under the sway of the Spirit of the Age, which left them non-committal in their attitude. In the dream, I saw the phrase “Que Sera Sera” written above their heads and the words “Whatever will be will be…” was being sung in their minds.They were veiled and darkened in their understanding which left them totally content waiting for nothing, really. 

Then in the dream, I saw another group of people who were all praying in the Spirit.  They were very focused, with a clarity of mind that could only come by revelation. I knew they knew something that I needed to hear, so I asked them what they were praying for. They said that a prophetic word had come to shake and destroy the Que Sera Sera spirit!  
I went on to ask what revelation they had received and they answered: “We have been told that if we will pray in the spirit each day until the unction lifts (that day I saw they had prayed for just under an hour) then we would see Justice Ginsburg come to a saving grace that would bring about a breakthrough on the court.” They explained further, “The success is not simply in our prayers, but in the agreement of our hearts to fight to see this come to pass.” At that point in the dream I was aware of the number 14

In the dream it was not specified whether Justice Ginsburg would actually be saved, but it was clear that this was God's desire and the dream seemed to suggest that she would be.Somehow the outcome of these prayers would be that she would either step down from her seat or be taken off the court to be replaced. The key seemed to be that faith was being activated by love in praying for the person of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Meanwhile, the direct fruit of the prayers would be that the demonic strongholds over her would be broken and this would cause her to be unchained from her seat in the court. I saw her chained to her chair, but the prayers broke the chains so she could and would leave. Then, I saw that a Trump appointee would take her place. 
Very clearly this dream reveals that we cannot hold a “whatever will be will be” posture in prayer. It means that this whole thing hinges on our prayers and we must not surrender to a Que Sera Sera spirit.

Fourteen-Day Prayer Strike

In response to Chris’ dream and the other prophetic directives we have received, we believe God has given us a 14-day strategy of prayer.

1. Starting today, August 25th, through  next week, let us pray in the Spirit each day until the unction lifts.

Pray and believe for Justice Ginsburg to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord and to be released from the demonic strongholds that are keeping her chained to her seat on the Supreme Court.

Pray for President Trump to be fully awakened to the Haman spirit that has been presiding on the Court and to be apprehended to raise up only those judges who will turn the tables on behalf of life and justice for the unborn. Pray that the President would change his mind, if needed, regarding Kavanaugh and that he would remember Amy Barrett.
- Pray for Spirit-led conviction and repentance in President Trump’s life and that no impeachment plans would prosper outside of God’s will for the good of the nation.
Pray for the Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, to be visited by the angelic realm and to be influenced by God in their confirmation decisions.
We are seated with Christ in heavenly places and WE MUST HOLD THE SEAT OF THE PRESIDENCY AND HOLD THE SEAT OF THE SUPREME COURT for God’s purpose.

2. Then, for seven days starting next Saturday, September 1st, we are calling intercessors from the DC area and afar to come and stand in prayer outside the U.S. Supreme Court. We will be praying on location prior to and throughout the extent of the confirmation hearings which begin on September 4th.

The Spear of Joshua

We were envisioned with this special thrust of intercessors standing before the court because of a prophecy that Lou received on 8/18, the day the Esther Fast fast started. Lou was in Dallas (the legal birthplace of abortion) when a prophetic leader prayed over him and prophesied that the Lord was releasing the spear of Joshua 8:18 to recover that which was previously lost. 

And the LORD said unto Joshua, “Stretch out the spear that is in thy hand toward Ai; for I will give it into thine hand.” And Joshua stretched out the spear that he had in his hand toward the city.  Joshua 8:18
There is much ground to be regained in the U.S. Supreme Court whose past decisions have, for decades, sentenced innocents to slaughter. Yet, the Lord has given us a weapon of faith and it’s time to turn the tide on our spiritual enemies. For seven days we are going to stretch out this rod of authority and win this spiritual battle. 
If you cannot stand with us in prayer on location at the Supreme Court in DC, then stand with us before the court of heaven for an hour a day during this critical time of history.

The Night Watch

Another dimension of our strategy is to pray throughout the watches of the night. During the recent Esther Fast, we received a dream from one of our ministry students named Danielle. In her dream, the Lord was waiting for her on a loveseat. She sat next to him and kissed Him on the cheek. Then, she bowed down at His feet and held His hands while He said to her, "I am watching basketball tonight." Danielle asked the Lord if anyone was watching with Him, but He said, "No, I am watching it solo." She went on to express that she would love to watch with Him.

As mentioned in the last Briefing the basketball court has come to symbolize for us “the highest court in the land.” Who will watch and pray for the Supreme Court in this dark hour of America’s history, and literally, in the lonely watches of the night? We are hoping to mobilize 24/7 intercession over the next two weeks. We believe many, like Danielle, are being wooed by the Lord to join him in this labor of love.
These next fourteen days can shift history. Let’s do it!

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