Earlier this month TheCall gathered with hundreds of intercessors in Columbus and Cincinnati to contend for the fulfillment of Bob Jones' Gulliver Prophecy. As documented in The Briefing 004, Bob saw that the corporate Body of Christ would revive from his slumber like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. He was shown that the giant’s head would first rise in Cleveland, his heart in Columbus, and his reproductive organs in Cincinnati. We understand these cities have significant roles to play in breaking through spiritual strongholds to reclaim the full use of these faculties in the Body. However, we also recognize that it’s not their task alone, but rather all of ours, to apprehend what God is doing in this hour of awakening and carry it to completion in the Church nationwide. 

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In Cincinnati, the city of “reproduction”, we sensed an expectancy that the Church would produce once again what had been done in the past. Also, we keyed-in on Bob’s additional revelation that the reproduction of the kingdom would be evidenced in both the priestly and kingly anointings. Interestingly, it was in Cincinnati where William Seymour, the primary leader of the Azusa Street Revival, first yielded to the call to ministry back in 1901. This inspired us to pray for a great multiplication of Seymour’s life of priestly ministry springing up once again from this city's sons and daughters. We also received a profound dream from our friend Ben Atkinson who spent several years interceding for the prophetic promises of Cincinnati. In Ben’s dream, he was brought into a room commemorating the Azusa Street Revival. There he saw the pictures of William Seymour and Frank Bartleman displayed on the wall. However, the pictures of these two men were surrounded by hundreds of portraits of women, many of whom were African American. Ben was shown that it was actually the intercession of these women that God answered by raising up Seymour and Bartleman. Ben was also told that if men understood how signifiant the women would be in the 3rd Great Awakening, they would honor and pray for their wives differently. At this point, we went into a time of prayer for women and we had the privilege of doing so with two spiritual mothers, both in their 90’s, who’ve been leading corporate prayer in Cincinnati every week for the past 60 years! 


Our gathering in Cincinnati was held on the national holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. We were struck by the deep significance of King’s legacy of justice and what a powerful manifestation it was of the kingly anointing that God desires to reproduce in this generation. Will Ford and Matt Lockett shared the astounding story of God’s providence in their lives and how it led them into the very fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream. This set the stage for rounds of intercession in the city that was once known as the “Promised Land” to slaves seeking freedom beyond the banks of the Ohio River. We prayed for the ending of the slave trade of abortion; for an in-breaking of the Kingdom of God into our current foster care system; for a new orphan train of adoption that would sweep a generation of unwanted children into the arms of loving, Christian families. We cried out for salvation and deliverance for the gangs of the inner cities, and for laborers to be sent and reaped from these very fields of harvest. The day climaxed with extraordinary testimonies of God’s judgment on behalf of the sick and oppressed, followed by prayer for all kinds of healing.


In the midst of this historic day in Cincinnati, Pastor Steve Witt declared a prophetic word that rang like a bell through all that was happening. He saw that out of this gathering both spiritual and physical barrenness was being caused to “flip”. We have come to a new day for the Body of Christ and it’s time to seek His Kingdom and bring it to birth in every area of our lives, cities and nation. 


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