From the womb of the dawn, your youth are to you as the dew. Psalm 110:3

Amidst all the recent dreams and current prophecy concerning the times we are in, a certain word from the past has crystallized what we believe is on God’s heart:

Francis Frangipane, in his study of past revivals, once determined that every mass move of God was preceded by a great swell of corporate fasting and prayer except for the Jesus Movement in the ‘70’s. He asked the Lord, “Was there a wave of prayer before the Jesus Movement?” God responded, “Yes, I answered the cries of a million mothers!”

At the time, parents were losing their children to the rebellion of the 60’s and the sex and drug revolution of their day. Many a mother fell to her knees crying out to God who alone could  deliver. Today, a new generation of women weep behind closed doors for sons and daughters who have lost their spiritual, moral, and even biological bearings. Many weep tears of bitterness and despair, but this weekend in D.C. thousands rooted in hope will raise a crescendoing battle cry and birthing cry for a long-awaited mercy.

Back in the ‘90’s, Lou was invited to speak at a youth church in California. The Lord had given him a word to share at that meeting. God told him, “I’m going to show mercy to the youth of America because they are the great, great, great, great, grandchildren of Jonathan Edwards, the father of the First Great Awakening.” The Lord said, “Just like David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and showed mercy to a crippled generation, I’m going to show mercy to a crippled generation in America.”  

Lou was prepared to preach this word, but he hadn’t told anyone what he was going to share. Then, during a break before his message, a young man came up to him and said: “Hey Mr. Engle, guess what? I just found out this week that I’m the great, great, great, great grandson of Jonathan Edwards!” At that moment, Lou knew this was not just a good word, it was a promise - a promise that many believe has now come to full-term.

Recently, one of our leaders dreamed that he was standing on the Mall with Lou just before the start of Rise Up. They were both anticipating that the high point of the day would be the mothers praying for their children. In the dream the leader said: “We have to steward this moment. We can’t just bring it up, WE HAVE TO BRING IT TO BIRTH!”

Please pray for the Rise Up gathering and for the purpose of God’s heart to be fully manifest among us. Pray for the women who attend, and for the many others who will join from afar, that they will not stop short of apprehending God’s mercy for this generation. A prophetic leader in New England once heard the voice of God say to her: “The greatest revival known to man is in your womb.” Let’s pray in faith, believing for the dew of our youth to be born to us today from the womb of intercession.

Shall I bring to the point of birth and not deliver? says the LORD.  Isaiah 66:9

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