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In our recent Briefing 001 - The Last of the Giants, we shared how we were directed to command and decree the removing, resigning, or reforming of four Supreme Court justices. Since then, we’ve received additional instruction from a very unexpected source...


Matt and Kim Lockett, our good friends and the directors of Bound4Life and The Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) in Washington, DC, contacted us from their former hometown of Denver, CO where they were visiting last week. While in Denver, Kim had a dream in which she found herself in the courtroom of the U.S. Supreme Court with no one else present except for former Supreme Court Justice Byron White. Justice White was standing behind the seat that he used to occupy on the bench. He spoke to Kim saying, "Take back my seat and the second one too. Erase the influence.”


We were not very familiar with Byron White before this dream, but he was one of the two dissenters to Roe v. Wade. We have since learned that Justice White was born and raised in Colorado and is actually buried in Denver, not far from where Matt and Kim were visiting. When White retired from the Court in 1992, he was replaced by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first of two liberal justices appointed by President Bill Clinton. The following year, Justice Stephen Breyer (Clinton’s second) was also seated on the Court. Both of these judges consistently ruled in direct contrast to their predecessor’s defense of life for the unborn.


Interestingly, this was not the first time we had heard “erase the influence.” Back in January, we were praying with the Locketts and their team in DC when we had a corporate sense that we were to erase the Clinton influence from the Court. This also reminded us of a dream that Matt had back in the summer of ‘04 when they used to live in Denver. Matt dreamed of a man named Lou Engle praying with a room full of young people in an all-night prayer meeting. In reality, Matt didn’t know who Lou Engle was at that time, and he certainly didn’t know that he was actually praying with a group of young people just an hour away in Colorado Springs. However, in the dream Matt saw a large blackboard full of abortion statistics. He watched as each person who prayed would then strike a chalk eraser against the blackboard. Every strike released a cloud of white chalk dust which gradually covered the entire blackboard until the statistics were no longer visible.


Dreams like these bring divine intelligence of the highest level that can only be explained by the brilliant wisdom of God. Therefore, we receive Justice White’s words to Kim as a clear directive from heaven as to how we must pray right now.  


No one can actually erase the statistics of 60 million babies whose lives have been wiped out since the Supreme Court’s decisions of 1973. However, it is time to strike the blackboard of history with authoritative prayers and decrees to take back the seats of Ginsburg and Breyer and reassign them to those who will rule for the ending of abortion. This will not only erase the influence that came through the Clinton appointments to the Court, but it would pave the way for a new day of justice for the unborn and perhaps restore Byron White’s judicial legacy before the great cloud of witnesses.

"Take back my seat and the second one too. Erase the influence.” - Justice Byron White


Chris’ Breyer Dream 4/20/17 - Last night in a dream I was sitting directly across the table from Neil Gorsuch. It was a long skinny table with all the justices so I was within a foot or two. To my right and his left were 2 justices and the rest were to his right. Breyer was on the end to his left and he wasn't happy about all the fanfare Gorsuch was receiving. Cameras were flashing all over the place and most on Gorsuch. I was listening to Breyer say he was smarter then Gorsuch and very jealous. His face turned to about 30 year old Breyer and back to his current age. He was being empowered by Spirits and the sense I had is it's time for him to leave the table… Let’s pray.


We were driving from COS on the 70 to DC and we received a dream from a seventeen year old young lady in Las Vegas. In the dream there was a basketball court with all these young people on the court. There was this table on the court but it was a demonic thing that needed to be removed off the court. In the dream they were weeping because it couldn’t be removed. But then Lou Engle came and stood on the court with a black and white striped referee shirt on.
(Guy named Blackmum ruled on Roe V Wade). According to the dictionary a referee is a judge over the basketball courts. In the dream a young woman stood up and said “Lou Engle it’s your turn now”. I took the hands of these young people and swept the table off the court.


In the natural Lou Engle has moved to Colorado Springs and is living on Clapham Court. The Clapham community was the community that surrounded Wilberforce in prayer that ended the slave trade. They were the prayer and action community that eneded the slave trade in Great Britain around Wilberforce. We believe TheCall to Arms community is a modern-day Clapham Community. It’s time to drive this thing off the court with your united prayers.


Obviously we are not praying that anyone would die. But we feel this is the language the Holy Spirit has given us to pray.



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