Governmental Prayer Watch for President Trump

Our governmental leaders need day and night intercession to maintain the influence of heaven over their lives and offices. The command of the apostle Paul in 1Timothy 2:1-2 rings loud and clear from the pages of scripture: “Pray for all those in authority.” Here at TheCall, the Lord continues to emphasize the immense consequence surrounding this command and its implications for President Donald J. Trump.


Shortly after the elections, we were contacted by a trusted prophetic leader who strongly exhorted us regarding a two-year window of intercession that we must apprehend for President Trump. We were told we must pray for his heart to be secured in the Lord, and how this is crucial for the historic purposes of God to be fulfilled during his presidency.

A few months later, we were alerted in a dream of an occultic prayer movement that was rising up to destroy the president and his administration. In the dream it was prophesied: “If this prayer movement succeeds, then the millennial generation will truly know what it’s like to live under slavery.”  Within days of this warning, we received news of witches rallying across the globe to curse the president and all those aligned with him. (1)

Around the same time, Lou had a dream in which the enemy in the book of Esther was identified as “Nazgul.” In Tolkien’s trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Nazgul is another name for the “Witch-king” who was ultimately defeated by a woman on the field of battle. When we released a call to fast and pray, thousands of Esthers responded from 183 nations to join in a 3-day fast to resist the spirit of witchcraft.

More recently, we received a clear directive from the Lord as delivered to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj during his recent women’s conference in Lancaster, CA, at which Lou was also ministering. This is part of the word that Sadhu was given to share:

“Surround the president with prayer. They need to organize a governmental prayer watch. Pray he completes his full term. For that is the period of grace extended for this nation. His term should not be prematurely aborted. Witches have formed a prayer watch in the night hours to do sorcery and witchcraft over him. So, if the witches can form a prayer watch, how much more the saints of God.” (2)

“Surround the president with prayer” is the very same language that President Trump used when he spoke with James Robison the day after the election. “Surround me with prayer! Surround me!” he said, acknowledging the ongoing need for heaven’s intervention.

In response to these words, Lou Engle is commissioning TheCall to Arms, our newly-formed national prayer network, to establish a 24/7 prayer watch for President Trump. We are seeking intercessors who will commit to pray for at least one designated hour of intercession every week. Even if you have not yet become a member of TheCall to Arms, we invite you to join us in covering President Trump in round-the-clock prayer. Sign up here for your designated hour: Prayer Watch for President Trump.

1) Article on casting a spell against Trump.
2) Video of Sadhu sharing his visitation - April 29. 2017 





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