For the past 20 years TheCall has been believing for a move of God to the youth of America. In part, we’ve seen it. Stadiums, arenas, and fields have been filled with hundreds of thousands of young people giving themselves wholeheartedly for Him. But we know there's more.

There must be more. We believe that this generation will not be defined by the current news reels and statistics. We never have. Not for twenty years -and not now. We believe that what God is pouring out in America that is stronger than school shootings and suicide, stronger than statistics or any scheme of the enemy. We have no alternative.

The movement of TheCall was born out of young people praying and fasting. For years, they gathered in the summer to fast and pray for 5 days in Colorado Springs. Their singular cry: “God give us the youth of America!” Their sacrifice paved the way for hundreds and thousands to encounter God.

We believe there is another wave coming. Campuses and stadiums will be filled with the greatest move of God in the history of our nation. Hundreds and thousands, even millions, will encounter the heart of God. 

And it will take another movement of young people praying and fasting to release.

Join us in releasing this new sound. Another generation is coming home.



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