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donate-portraitDecember 31, 2013

At the end of this year, I reflect back to what amazing things God has accomplished through your prayers and faithful giving throughout the years. TheCall has moved back to the place of its birth, Mott Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The most amazing company of intercessory missionaries have gathered to raise up a contending house of prayer that seeks to gain air supremacy over principalities and powers in strategic cities and regions both in America and the unreached people groups of the nations through prayer and fasting.

As we established the Ekballo House of Prayer, the prayer strike force for TheCall, we engaged in a 40-Day Ekballo Fast from March 1st - April 9th, praying that the Lord of the Harvest would thrust forth (ekballo) laborers into the harvest fields. We believe God to reap a massive harvest in America and mobilize 100,000 missionaries to the unreached people groups around the world.  This fast catapulted a team of nine to fast for 21 days in Northern India, the spiritual capital of Hinduism and the original evangelistic center of Buddhism. God gave us a dream that we were to raise up a prayer movement called the 20/20 Vision believing that 20% of the peoples on the Ganges River Plain will be saved by the year 2020. Our goal is to establish a house of prayer in Northern India working as an air force prayer unit with indigenous church planters in that region.

This year God has brought great definition to TheCall community, whereas TheCall is a solemn assembly where God gathers thousands for breakthrough, the Ekballo House of Prayer is being raised up for sustained contending and strategic fasting strikes similar to Daniel’s prayers that shifted cities and nations. This understanding has brought us into a divine convergence in which the Lord is now thrusting us into TheCall Berkeley on October 4th, 2014, on the 50th year anniversary of the Free Speech Movement that was the flashpoint of the 1960’s ideological revolution.

Amazingly that day is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement that applies the blood of the Lamb to the sins of the nation and releases the proclamation of jubilee, the year of freedom and all debts released. We are deploying a 50-day prayer strike in Berkeley for 50 years of rejection of the benevolent ways of God in this nation. Then on October 4th 2014, we’ll gather a solemn assembly to humble ourselves, proclaim jubilee, preach the gospel, release signs and wonders, and pray for the release of laborers into the harvest fields with the dream that stadiums will be filled with souls being saved—a great awakening of our nation.

At the end of the year where men and women reflect on the past and gaze with vision and hope into the New Year, many consider where to sow their finances for a fruitful harvest. Please consider sowing into TheCall for 2014, a year in which we believe massive transition is taking place and great spiritual victories are on the horizon if we seize the moment. Sow into the prayer movement for our nation and the nations of the earth. Clearly, great days of trouble loom before us, but also the greatest days for the victorious church.

Thank you for standing with us, arm in arm, in God’s great remedy in these challenging days.  The remedy: shape history through prayer and fasting.


Lou Engle, President


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