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With all that is happening in the world today, we find no better time than to call a solemn assembly. TheCall Berkeley is on the same day as the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement Protest which took place at USC Berkeley. We are believing that it's time to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. We are stepping into the doorway of history believing for a jubilee season for the body of Christ.

We remain committed to making all of our events free. We are extremely grateful for your partnership in the past and are asking our friends to once again donate as the Lord would lead for this solemn assembly. It's a simple way of saying, "I want to make a one time gift toward TheCall Berkeley to help bring a person face to face with God in prayer." Whether you are able or unable to attend TheCall Berkeley, would you donate to help provide a context for young and old alike to stand before the Lord in prayer for justice & revival in our nation?

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Earlier this year, the Lord spoke to us that we were to raise up a Gideon Company -those consecrated ones who have made a covenant with Him by sacrifice. We felt that it was to be a Student Volunteer Army -in the likes of the Mt. Hermon 100 in 1886, who were to birth in fasting and prayer the New Jesus Movement and Student Volunteers Missions Movement. As we sent out TheCall, 70 young men and women responded to fast and pray for 50 days, with more joining day by day.

We are asking that you would partner with them financially. We feel in these days that the Lord is calling the Body to offer a costly sacrifice. Many of these skipped a semester of university or left their jobs to answer the call of God to intercede for this nation. They have also have had to fundraise to sleep on gym floors and eating sparingly. Could you match their own extravagant sacrifice of their lives with a sacrifice of your own? We ask that you would prayerfully considering giving financially to cover costs and to help send these young men and women to the frontlines of intercession.

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Our operational budget is essential to the success and function of TheCall Movement. The operational team is the safeguard that every dollar given to the ministry is being used to fund the advancing of initiatives that the Lord has placed on our hearts and helps us to ensure that your dollars are most effectively used. We would like to invite you to partner with us for our operational budget with a one time gift or a monthly gift.

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We are looking to build a Spiritual Air Force Academy to raise up contending house of prayers that will war in the heavenlies through fasting and prayer for spiritual breakthrough on the earth. We invite you to partner with us for the raising up of TheCall's Spiritual Air Force Academy.

Budget to be announced

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Can I choose a date for my donation to be deducted?
You can specify what date you would like your donation to be deducted. If you
don’t specify a date then your donation will be deducted on the date your initial
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What are the different ways I can give?
You can give in one of three ways:

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1443 E. Washington Blv #199
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Do I have to give monthly or can I give my yearly gift in one lump sum?
Yes. You may give your yearly gift as a lump sum.

Am I a member of the Raven Initiative if I give monthly?
Yes. Any donation starting at $1 or more given on a monthly basis qualifies you as a

Will I receive a giving statement?
You will receive a giving statement if you are in the US and have given more than
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you require special consideration, please contact us 816.285.9358.

What if my giving statement is incorrect?
Please contact us if you discover that your giving is not accurately reflected on your

Can I give non-cash gifts?
Yes, if you are interested in donating items (i.e. vehicles, jewelry, electronics, real
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