Nazirite DNA Audio Book

Written & Read by Lou Engle

No other message that I have preached has been more endorsed prophetically and supernaturally than “the call of the Nazirite.” It has been foundational to TheCall and to the prayer and fasting movement and has erupted among young people in the last ten years.

I believe that a return to Nazirite consecration is the only hope for a return to God in America. And it will be the ground preparation, even the forerunner, for the greatest spiritual awakening she has ever seen. It is with this faith and this fire in my heart that I write this booklet. It is my confident hope that many young men and women will light their candles to its small flame and will make the vow of the Nazirite leading to the same heavenly attestation on a generation that Jesus gave to John the Baptist, “He was a burning and shining lamp."  —Lou Engle

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