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Urgent Message from Lou Engle

Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to bear my heart with you all, friends and partners of TheCall. In just a couple of weeks we are holding TheEstherCall on Good Friday to pray for an undeserved mercy in America, the rescuing of our children and healing of women. When Esther fasted and prayed it had life and death urgency to it.
The sound of that urgency today and particularly for TheEstherCall has not yet been recognized. Our registration is low, and that could be due to it being Good Friday, Easter weekend and that it is a call to women alone, except for the 2,000 “Mordecais” we are calling to pray alongside the women.

Let me express the urgency of this moment and the timing that God seems to have arranged providentially for TheEstherCall. On the 26, 27 and 28 of this month, the Supreme Court is holding six hours of hearings on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care reform. It has been decades since the Supreme Court has given this amount of time for arguments. So much is at stake with this hearing.
Aside from the implications on the national debt, government mandated health care, and religious liberties, the thing that strikes me the deepest is the administration’s argument for full contraceptive coverage. Contraception is a smoke screen in the argument because included is the systemization of the RU 486 pill, the Ella pill and other abortifacients.

If the Supreme Court rules for the constitutionality of this health care reform it could forever embed abortion into the soul of this nation by delivering a wide spread entitlement for all Americans to obtain insurance covered abortions beginning at conception. We are on the slippery slope of a great rebellion perpetrated by a perverted science and only the prophetic praying church can rise to challenge these powers.

This is exactly what Esther did in her day. Her urgency, her sacrifice and her public proclamation opened a portal for God to act, and the “Supreme Court” of Haman was overruled by the Supreme Court of heaven. We are at such an Esther moment now. It is not by chance that TheEstherCall coincides with the very season when the Supreme Court will be deliberating over this historic and monumental decision. We are at a door of a massive cultural shift that will be as significant as Roe v Wade was in 1973.

Unashamedly therefore, like Mordecai, I am calling for 7,000 women, Esthers, at personal cost to gather to TheEstherCall on April 5 and 6, Good Friday, to fast and pray for God’s intervention, the reversal of Roe v Wade and His rulership over the Supreme Court justices in this present case being heard.

On Good Friday, the Esthers will apply the blood of Jesus to the doorposts of our national guilt and pray for mercy in the nation. This gathering is for ALL women, young and old, post and non-abortive women, every woman who cares. Come and represent millions of post-abortive women whose pain is unbearable and whose cry has been stifled by fear and shame.

Come and pray for the voices of righteous American women to be heard in the public forum. It is time for Queen Esther to arise. I have to believe that the God of Esther is the same God today, and when she appears before Him, everything can shift. Who knows that for such a time as this, you have been brought into the Kingdom. 

Esther-Web-Titles 21DayWalk
Back to Life is a young women's movement designed to awaken America's conscience to the injustices of abortion by amplifying the female voice.

Thirty nine women, each one representing one year of legalized abortion in America, an entire generation touched by heartache and destruction, will walk 250 miles from America's largest abortion facility in Houston to Dallas, Texas, where legalized abortion. They will walk in remembrance of God’s goodness and restoration in their lives, forging a trail of repentance on behalf of America. Bearing in intercession the grief and pain of millions of women who have been scarred through post abortion trauma, guilt and sorrow.

We live in a time in which millions walk for causes such as cancer, Alzheimer's or hunger. In such a unique and inexplicable way, walking for a purpose unites souls and hearts in a common cause—both emotionally and physically to exert themselves for a belief beyond themselves. And so we will march for the most worthy cause of allLIFE. Christ Himself gave His very own LIFE, so that we may have LIFE.

Strategically more than just a walk for a cause, this 21-day walk has a resolute aim of prayer and promise. Believing Joshua 1:3, we will fervently pray with every footstep between these two key abortion landmarks across Texas believing that, as God
promised Moses and Joshua, "every place on which the sole of our foot treads" shall be ours once again. As we actively make Joshua 1:3 come alive—literally with the soles of our feet—we are trusting that God will honor our obedience and the faith of the thousands of souls that will be joining us in prayer for the cause of life.

Registration is free
Registration required

April 5th
, 2:00pm
Lou teaches the book of Esther
April 5th, 7:00pm–10:00pm
Extended Worship

April 6th, 9:30am–Noon
Good Friday Communion Service

April 6th, Noon8:00pm
TheCall Solemn Assembly

Esther-Page-Convention Center

650 S Griffin Street
Dallas, Texas

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