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Ministries TheCall is deeply connected to and supporting in prayer

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Justice House of Prayer
Raising up a house of prayer that contends with every other house


Contending at the "gates" of our nation, we have established our JHOPs as close to the front lines as possible. In Boston, our JHOP is just a few blocks from the gates of Harvard Yard. In New York City, we meet in Manhattan across the street from the United Nations headquarters. In Washington, DC, we are just one block from the US Supreme Court and the Capitol. In San Diego, we contend for the University of California (UCSD) campus.
JHOP Intensive2

JHOP Intensive
3-Month Intensive in Boston - September 2012


Through teaching grow in intimacy and devotion to Jesus, consecration, and governmental intercession. You’ll also gain understanding of the word of God, theology of night and day prayer, and revival history.  Gain experience in leading worship and prayer sets, national JHOP prayer strikes, church planting, evangelism and missions, and then be sent out to plant prayer rooms and missional communities locally and internationally.



The Silent Seige: A Grassroots Prayer Mobilization Movement


Bound4LIFE, founded by Lou Engle, started after 50 days of round-the-clock corporate prayer and fasting for the 2004 elections, a group of prayer warriors—young and old alike—packed up their sleeping bags and headed to Washington, DC filled with purpose and confidence that prayer can change the course of a nation.
International Solemn Assemblie

International Solemn Assemblies

Ministries TheCall is relationally connected to and supporting in prayer.
Some past events include:

Million-Voices-BulletCanada   Million-Voices-BulletBrazil   Million-Voices-BulletGeneva   Million-Voices-BulletKorea   Million-Voices-BulletFrance   Million-Voices-BulletEngland  
Million-Voices-BulletMozambique   Million-Voices-BulletKenya    Million-Voices-BulletIsrael   Million-Voices-BulletIndonesia   Million-Voices-BulletThe Philippines  
Million-Voices-BulletHolland   Million-Voices-BulletAustralia