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The Lord spoke to me to raise up a royal airforce to win the battle of the heavens through strategic intercession.  Were calling for a few good men and women to join a committed prayer community to contend for spiritual breakthroughs for the nation and specific power centers of world religion.  Away with the preliminaries, you are being called into an intense season of fasting and prayer where the program of heaven is forcefully advanced.

Join me and a team of pioneer missionaries, loving fathers and mothers, prophetic teachers and contending house of prayer leaders for corporate impartation of a revelation of Jesus, your identity in Christ, spiritual encounter and on the job training to gain air supremacy over the powers of darkness.  Come this January to Pasadena, CA for a three month school of intercession to change history through prayer and fasting.

Lou Engle

You are the R.A.F.  “Never has so much been owed to so many by so few.”   - Winston Churchhill


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