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They have come in waves, crashing onto the shores of California, ever leaving behind a legacy of glory and heavenly influence. They came, all throughout the 20th century. These are our revivals. There is something here. In the midst of unspeakable decadence, corporate greed and scandal, cultural trend settings of the nations, there is oil in these hills, there is gold in its streams, there are treasures in the coastlands. Something draws God to the scene here. Maybe it’s our pain, maybe it’s the gathering place of the planet’s lost prophets with misplaced passions. Maybe it’s the cry of the masses. But He comes, and when He comes here, the world is changed. The fire that erupted at Azusa has lit up the world. The revivals sown in Hollywood loosed great evangelists, like Bill Bright and Billy Graham. The Jesus Movement gave us a love song that kissed the youth of the globe. The new wine of worship and healing came from our vineyards. The ancient songs are heard again and awaken us from our nightmare to something that was and can be again.

The history of the Church is replete with great moves of God. Yet careful study elicits this pervasive theme: every great move of God has been preceded by great movements of fasting and prayer. It was in Acts 2 where the early church gathered in one accord to pray, and when He came with power, thousands were saved. This has been no more true in California, the birthing place of massive stirrings of God. It was at the UCLA campus, in a 6-month season of 24/7 prayer, that Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade for Christ began to blossom as a national movement. It was in the womb of Los Angeles that Frank Bartleman set his face in intercession to birth an international outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It was in the San Francisco Bay Area where Mario Murillo’s travail launched a Jesus Movement that saw hundreds of thousands of souls saved. As He did it before with our spiritual fathers in the faith, so we are believing that God will do it again in our day. And as California goes, so goes the nation.

110 years ago, an intercessor named Frank Bartleman set his face to fasting and prayer for revival in California. Thrust into eternal consciousness by the passing of his 3-year daughter Esther, Bartleman pledged himself anew for God’s service. As he applied himself to the work of God, he became so overcome with a burden for souls that he gave himself for an entire year in sacrificial intercession. It was in this same season that he became a trumpet to California, calling the Body of Christ to fast and pray for awakening. His journey became lore as the subsequent outpouring of God swept the global church. To date, 550 million souls can trace their history back to this man’s intercessory offering in California. His story, along with many others in the Golden State, is our inheritance. Those spiritual fathers, “though dead, yet speaketh,” urging another generation to lay hold of God in fasting and prayer, to contend for another great awakening in this state and nation.

In his book Another Wave of Revival, Frank Bartleman, wrote in 1905, “But where are the men who will stir themselves up to take hold of God? Let our watchword be at this time, ‘California for Christ!’ ” God is looking for workers, channels, and worms of the dust. Jesus’ life was pressed out in prayers at every point. This kind comes too high for most people. But may this not be our Lord’s “last call.” There is a call being heard again, and it’s for another wave of revival. Let us gather together around Jesus Christ and His everlasting Gospel, to pray and fast for another great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for masses of the lost to be saved, and for a Student Volunteer Missions Movement that will thrust young men and women to the uttermost parts of the earth. 


We believe that God is calling us once again to pray and fast for another great awakening. As a response, we are compelled to call forth the old watchword from the great intercessor Frank Bartleman: “California for Christ!” In his days interceding for revival, Frank Bartleman blew this trumpet throughout California, believing for California to respond to God in fasting and prayer for a statewide revival. His own intercessions and the joint prayers of the saints resulted in a great outpouring of the Spirit that produced 550 million souls saved worldwide. 110 years later, we believe God stirring up the Church in fasting and prayer for another great wave of revival.

The California for Christ Tour is traveling through California from March 31st to April 23rd to visit over 13+ key universities and cities, culminating in a statewide prayer gathering at Mott Auditorium. Our goal is simple: to call the universities of California to united fasting and prayer for another wave of revival. Our hope is to bolster and serve the prayer and unity initiatives in each region. We dare believe that if the Body of Christ could gather in united fasting and prayer, then we would see an even greater revival in our day. Let us dream and believe together: California for Christ.


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