TheCall Nashville

Venue: LP Field
Date: 07.07.07
Attendees: Over 75,000


The purpose of TheCall Nashville was for the church to renew her marital covenant with the Lord, to repent for her toleration of Jezebel, and to pray for a new Jesus Movement to sweep the nation.



In 1993, Bob Jones, a well-known prophetic voice, prophesied, “The Houston Oilers would move to Nashville, and Nashville would build God a stadium. And 100,000 people, particularly youth, would gather for a great mobilization of the army of God.”

After seven Calls were held from 2000 to 2003, Jim Goll prophesied to Lou that TheCall would die, but in three years a crisis would come and it would be resurrected. With these prophecies in mind, Lou and his team began praying and planning to hold TheCall in Titan Stadium in Nashville on 07/07/07.

Later on while at a prophets gathering, Lou received a profound confirmation. Sharon Stone, a prophetic voice from England who knew nothing of Engle’s plans for Nashville, stood and spoke to Lou, “There is coming a fresh recruitment on 07/07/07. I heard the day very clearly, and on that day, a stand will be taken, and it will bring forth a great shift.” She added that it would be “the day when the scepter of the Lord is lowered and an invitation for the new youth army begins.”

Then a few days later, Lou received a phone call from a woman he had only met once before. She said, “I have written you a check, what are you doing?” Lou told her about TheCall Nashville, and to his amazement she said, “The check is for 157,000 dollars.” She had no idea that the first Call DC was launched by another woman, whom Lou did not know at that time, who gave him 100,000 dollars as well. It was a profound confirmation from the Lord.

In 1967, 100,000 converged on San Francisco for the “Summer of Love” hippie gathering. These “flower children” experimented with LSD, pot, immorality and Eastern mysticism, and at the end of that summer they returned home carrying these godless ideals and practices with them. In a sense, a great divorce from God and His ways occurred. On the 40th year anniversary of the “Summer of Love,” it was time for the church, on behalf of the nation, to renew her marital covenant with the Lord and repent for this great divorce from His ways.

Also, before TheCall Nashville, Lou’s friend Don Finto said to him, “I have a 1971 Time Magazine article that states three times that the Jesus Movement began in 1967 and that Jerusalem was taken back by Israel in 1967.” Understanding that God often administrates His kingdom in 40-year periods, Lou saw that a window of opportunity had opened for the church and nation on 07/07/07. Just as Ezekiel was given a 40-day prayer assignment for 40 years of failure in Israel, so Lou called the church to forty days of prayer and fasting culminating with TheCall Nashville. It was an opportunity to repent for 40 years of rebellion from the Summer of Love, and to pray for a resurgence of the Jesus Movement 40 years after its inception.

Newspapers and websites across America said that on 07/07/07 more marriages would occur than any other time in history. However, in this Joel 2 moment, the church’s marriage to the Lord was to take a higher priority than even natural marriages. Lou mentioned a report received where a pastor told a couple, “I cannot marry you on 07/07/07, even though the day is set. I must go to Nashville on 07/07/07. It is the highest priority.” The couple was understandably upset by the pastor’s decision, but the following week a guest speaker at the church spoke on Joel 2 and declared, “Let the bridegroom come out of his chamber…” With their hearts tenderized by God, this couple publicly asked for forgiveness for their response to their pastor and said, “We are going to Nashville and will postpone our marriage.” This highlighted the urgency and mandate of the Lord’s trumpet call to gather in Nashville.