TheCall Dallas

Venue: Cotton Bowl Stadium
Date: November 2003
Attendees: 20,000


As the last and seventh gathering in that first phase of TheCall’s ministry, the focus of TheCall Dallas was to connect all the former PreCall solemn assemblies together, culminating in a corporate cry for justice, righteousness and compassion in our nation.


Forty years prior to TheCall Dallas, on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was slain in Dallas, Texas, and the Camelot dreams of a whole generation began to die. Deaths of American leaders and citizens multiplied with Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King Jr.’s, and 55,000 of the best of men in Vietnam.

In 1973, this death march reached a new level when from Dallas, Texas, an unparalleled assault on the womb was legalized in the court case Roe vs. Wade. Forty-two million children had been “legally” killed through abortion since that decision. TheCall Dallas was a place to repent for such atrocities and cry out to God for mercy.

Just before TheCall Dallas, Derek Prince went to be with the Lord. Forty years prior, he was stirred as a result of Kennedy’s death to teach the United States to pray for its leaders. Thirty years prior, during the year Roe vs. Wade was passed, he started the prayer movement called “Intercessors for America.” Prince laid a foundation for fasting and prayer that became the same foundation for TheCall. He died just before TheCall Dallas, and amazingly, that Call targeted the same thirty and forty year dates that helped focus his life to sound the trumpet of justice and declare God’s victory over the death culture in America.

In his book Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, Prince wrote of the story of Esther, “But when the decree for the destruction of the Jews went out, Esther and her maidens…arranged with Mordecai that he would gather together all the Jews in Shushan, the capital city, to unite them in fasting for the same period…. The outcome of their collective fasting and prayer may be summarized briefly by saying that the whole policy of the Persian Empire was completely changed, in favor of the Jews.”

Along these same lines, in September 2003, Rick Joyner published a prophetic word titled Saving a Nation from Haman’s Spirit. In it he wrote of “a new order of Esther” arising in the land.

Many other dreams about Esther and along these same lines were given. In one dream, a lady was on a train from LA to Texas. At a stop, she walked off the train and saw a lone woman sitting on a chair. She was African American with the scales of justice on her shirt. She was sowing the flag of the United States with one star instead of fifty. Later on in the dream, an angel spoke of a generation marked with the Lone Star of Esther, which was coming from the Lone Star state. After the dream, she called Lou on his cell phone. He answered telling her he was on a train to Dallas, and at one point a stop came. At the stop he saw an African American lady sitting on a chair.

In another dream a person had in April 2001, the Lord said that the cry of “42 million Abels” had reached His ears, and that the church of America had 2½ years to repent over the innocent blood shed. If the nation did not, God would give them over to the spirits of disease, destruction and poverty. TheCall Dallas came near the end of that 2½ year window of repentance.

We cried out for a pro-life leader, and in 2004, the pro-life George Bush was re-elected. As a result, he appointed John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Both are pro-life judges.