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TheCall Azusa

One hundred and ten years ago, a handful of people led by William Seymour, believed against belief, left everything, came to Los Angeles to fast and pray. They didn’t know soon that the great tongue of fire would break out with revival. We are believing for another outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we gather for TheCall Azusa.

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Spiritual Air Force Academy

Our vision is to build up a Spiritual Air Force Academy of "Long Distance Flyers" - pilots sent for the purpose of winning the war in the heavens at a moments notice. We seek to do this within the context of a healthy community, providing an Air Force Base of Operations at Mott Auditorium.

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Support TheCall

Please consider sowing into TheCall for 2015 a year in which we believe massive transition is taking place and great spiritual victories are on the horizon if we seize the moment. Would you help us seize the moment?

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